For Agents

For Agents

What We Need From You

Selling Agent

  • Contract
  • Lender information
  • If buyer requests a survey
  • Homeowners Insurance information
  • Termite company if buyer’s responsibility
  • Any invoices (ex. repairs that might come from walk-thru)
  • Notification of any escrows
  • Homeowners Association information (if applicable)

Listing Agent

  • Contract
  • Termite letter of Seller’s responsibility
  • Homeowners Association information (if applicable)
  • Payoff Information which includes
    • lender, loan number, and social security numbers (due to privacy laws)
  • Any invoices (ex. repairs)
  • Copy of selling firm brokerage fee notice (rein form) and any fees required by broker!

Things to Remember

  • If a Power of Attorney is going to be used please notify us immediately
  • Notify your clients that we will be contacting them regarding their closing.
  • It is important to get the contract to us as soon as possible so processing can begin. (Faxing a contract is a good way to do this)
  • Our files are set up by the contract so make certain that the contract is legible.
  • Order the termite in the month of closing and remember to give the termite company our information so they can get the final report to us.
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