For Buyers

For Buyers

What We Need From You, the Buyer

  • Contact phone numbers and email
  • Contract
  • Lender information
  • Would you like a Survey?
  • Homeowners Insurance information with phone number
  • Termite company if buyer’s responsibility
  • Any invoices (ex. repairs that might come from walk-thru)
  • Notification of any escrows

Reasons for Owner’s Title Insurance:

Buying a home can be the wisest and most rewarding investment you will ever make. Title insurance plays a major role in making certain that your home ownership is safe and secure. Lenders require title insurance to protect their investment. We recommend that you, as the Buyer, do the same and obtain an Owner’s title policy to protect your investment in your new home. Some of the reasons for purchasing title insurance would be:

  • Third Party claims against the title
  • Improperly executed or recorded documents
  • Pre-Policy forgery, fraud or duress
  • Non-recorded restrictive covenants
  • Defective recording of documents
  • Unsatisfied claims; judgments, deeds of trust, liens
  • Unmarketability of the title

Things to Remember:

  • It is important to get the contract to us as soon as possible so processing can begin. (Faxing a contract is a good way to do this)
  • Our files are set up by the contract so make certain that the contract is legible. (Hint: Once a faxed copy is used repeatedly it is very difficult to read, also please give us a contact number.)
  • Order the termite in the month of closing and remember to give the termite company our information so they can get the final report to RW Towne Title.
  • If a Power of Attorney is going to be used please notify us immediately
  • Complete pay-off authorization form
  • Please call if you have any questions or concerns





The settlement fee for a Refinance will be $600.00 which includes the settlement fee, the binder fee, title search fee, update fee, release/Require fee and a courier or wire fee.